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Investing with Intelligence


Alternative Fund for Accredited
Investors and Institutions
Seeking Accelerated Returns

Welcome to Schutte Capital

Past results are not indicative of future returns. The value of the fund may go up or down.
Historical performance for a total portfolio is available upon request. Individual results will vary with duration.
Fund may fluctuate more than the market index benchmark and should be held for at least 5 years per backtesting.
No information provided on this website shall constitute an offer to purchase or subscribe in any security.

Schutte Capital is an actively-managed hedge fund.
Our vision is to be the top investment choice in the world.
Our mission is to help our clients reach their goals faster.

“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case." — Robert G. Allen



Reviews are from clients who are not compensated. Ratings are verified from independent sources including and


Listings are independent without compensation and available with paid subscriptions at Bloomberg, BarclayHedge, Evestment, Preqin, Morningstar, and Eurekahedge.

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  • Trustworthy Management and Communication

  • Leveraged Returns without Margin or Borrowing

  • Risk Mitigation with Calculated Stop-loss

  • Diversified Allocation with Blue-Chip Stock ETF

  • Affordable Minimum Deposit Requirement

  • Documented Philosophy from Published Research

  • Proven Strategy with Objective Market Data

  • Waived Expenses for Higher Net Returns

  • Manager Invested from Personal Confidence


Active Management for Higher Potential Gains with Less Positional Risk

Schutte Capital targets up trends instead of holding positions through downturns.

Traditional Investing Chart.png

Example of Passive Stock Market Investing with Buy and Hold” Positions



Trade 1.png
Trade 2.png
Trade 3.png

Example of Active Schutte Capital Fund Investing with Strategic Positions







For illustrative purposes only and not indicative of any investment. Past results are not indicative of future returns.

Profit and Risk levels are emphasized to portray limited risk with unlimited potential and are not to scale.

The value of the fund may go up or down. No information provided on this website shall constitute an offer to purchase or subscribe in any security.

“Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing.”— Warren Buffett

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Historical S&P 500 Index Returns on average at 10% Compounded Annually

10 Percent Compounded.png

~2.5x increase

For illustrative purposes only and not indicative of any investment. Past results are not indicative of future returns.
The value of the fund may go up or down. No information provided on this website shall constitute an offer to purchase or subscribe in any security.

Hypothetical Schutte Capital Returns at 50% Compounded Annually*

50 Percent Compounded.png

~57.5x increase

(~55x more than index)

*returns are net (after fees) specific to Schutte Capital III fund based on documented backtesting as of 12/31/2022. 

For illustrative purposes only and not indicative of any investment. Past results are not indicative of future returns.

The value of the fund may go up or down. No information provided on this website shall constitute an offer to purchase or subscribe in any security.



Schutte Capital is an alternative fund for investing with intelligence. Our fund was founded by Daniel P. Schutte, MBA. Dan holds a Master of Business Administration degree including education in personal and corporate finance. He has been successfully trading securities for over 15 years. After earning his Series 7 and Series 66 licenses, Dan founded our fund manager, Schutte Financial LLC. As a signals intelligence officer in the United States Marine Corps, Dan recognizes that accurate and timely data is critical for making effective decisions. Schutte Capital leverages a proprietary system of signals based on objective data that supports smarter investing. From a passion for helping individuals reach their financial goals, Dan instituted Schutte Financial as an independent Registered Investment Advisor based on sound principles for planning and asset management. To support accredited investors and institutions who wish to take investing to the next level, Dan established Schutte Capital after developing a reliable trading system and consistently experiencing extraordinary results.

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Our proven system provides clients with a specialized method for accelerating success in building wealth. Annual hypothetical returns for the investment strategy at Schutte Capital have consistently and significantly outperformed major stock market indexes and other funds. The charts above illustrate a hypothetical example of average historical returns after fees for our fund strategy compared to historical returns for a major stock index. We are able to offer a higher profit potential since our fund strategy targets short-term price appreciation with mitigated risk, which can be effective even when longer market trends are flat or declining. Instead of clients depending on overall market appreciation over the long-term from traditional investing, Schutte Capital is engineered to harness market volatility by generating profits from price fluctuations. As a result, our fund has the potential to produce significant returns over shorter time frames regardless of low or negative yields from major indexes or other funds. Even a small increase in returns can make a dramatic difference when compounded over extended periods of time.



Dan Schutte believes in leadership by example and is invested with personal funds included in every trade at Schutte Capital. Clients are valued partners supported by an incentive for mutual success. Our vision is to be a preferred and trusted partner for intelligent and proactive asset management. Our mission is unparalleled client service through personal dedication and exceptional results. Client funds are monitored by a third-party administrator for additional transparency and security. In addition to operating by values of integrity, prudence, and communication, our firm engages leading resources for fund administration, brokerage, banking, compliance, and accounting best practices so that clients can enjoy the highest level of confidence in fund management for their investments. Dan has also chosen to offer one of the lowest contribution minimums in the industry so that clients have a greater opportunity to participate and start building wealth earlier than otherwise feasible.



Schutte Capital historically thrives in generating alpha through tactically deployed long-only positions. While some funds attempt to hedge market risk by including short positions, they are commonly working against the flow of extended bullish market trends for leading stocks. Rises in equity ownership are linked to a growing investor population that naturally drives prices higher. Government stimulus and employee benefit contributions are among powerful factors that favor a bullish or long position over time based on historic metrics. By using a long stock Exchange Traded Fund, our strategy has no expiration compared to options or futures and lower turbulence compared to foreign exchange and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. As a result, our strategy has backtested history of consistently generating positive returns. Schutte Capital engages responsible leverage that is built into the security. This enables accelerated results without the fund manager adding maintenance risk from using margin or borrowing. Our proven strategy both fundamentally and technically targets price increases while mitigating downside risk with automated exit triggers. This approach supports a sound method for producing net gains that can significantly outperform indexes and other funds.



Our proprietary strategy isolates bullish up trends in between market dips. History has demonstrated that technology and other growth stocks typically lead new market highs for equity prices. With proper risk mitigation, these surges can be amplified by using a leveraged Exchange Traded Fund. The outstanding performance of Schutte Capital comes from a systematic and repeatable strategy that eliminates emotions and human opinions or impulses from each trade. Instead of guessing, our positions are opened and closed based on the clear data of equity price action. Our strategy identifies long entry signals according to historical trends and reliable technical indicators. Since price typically factors in current events and future projections, it provides an objective method for optimizing market participation with historically profitable results that are strategically leveraged. Returns can be compounded faster from multiple positions for exponential profit potential. The strategy deployed by Schutte Capital recognizes and engages a market phenomenon identified in Elliott Wave Theory by capturing the natural economic supply and demand cycles of psychological investor behavior. As a result, our system is uniquely engineered to harvest gains more efficiently than other funds.



Our risk management facilitates downside protection while supporting unlimited potential gains. Although leverage can amplify both profit and loss, Schutte Capital mitigates or limits risk both fundamentally and technically. Fundamentally, only a highly liquid blue chip Exchange Traded Fund is utilized where professional analysts carefully select leading stocks that have been resilient through market downturns and subsequent rebounds. This systemically diversifies risk from the outset of the investment strategy by pooling multiple stocks together with tactical weights to mitigate risk from individual companies. This approach significantly reduces inherent risk compared to an isolated position in a single asset. Technically, the investment strategy is designed to capture natural market flow through long positions by targeting up trends following qualifying price drops. Additionally, positions are automatically closed with a stop-loss based on a practical trigger to lock in profits or reduce losses. Investor funds are held in an interest-bearing cash security during equity price declines to prepare for the next position entry while avoiding devastating losses from a stock market crash. As a result, clients can have confidence in knowing that their investment has meticulous risk management. Our positions hold a significantly lower risk percentage for the entire portfolio at any given time compared to typical equity exposure with passively managed funds. This supports reduced value fluctuations despite market volatility. With our leveraged Exchange Traded Fund strategy, we can accelerate returns faster than borrowing while also avoiding the risk of a margin call that many other funds carry.



Schutte Capital implements a common management and performance fee that is over 50% lower than top rates for other funds while deploying a strategy that has historically generated superior returns based on several years of backtesting. Unlike many other alternative funds, our clients do not have the burden of sharing typical administration and operating expenses, which enhances profit potential. Instead, we cover these expenses from the management fee. Clients enjoy the benefit of not paying a performance fee unless or until returns exceed a competitive hurdle rate, which is approximate to the management fee. Additionally, the fund must generate new annual returns above a common high-water mark before performance fees are collected, so mutual success is tied to new growth each and every year. This approach gives clients the satisfaction of paying a fraction of actual realized performance profits, which can provide a favorable investing experience in building wealth through accelerated returns.

“The biggest risk of all is not taking one.”— Mellody Hobson

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